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Relapse Into Volunteerism: An Unsuccessful Attempt to Resign From the Field

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Research years ago showed a very high turnover rate among Coordinators of Volunteers -- the figure I remember is one out of three leaving the field every two or three years (though often staying in the same organization). It was a substantial percentage, anyhow, and I expect it still is.

Four or five years ago, I became part of that statistic -- though after thirty-five rather than three years in our fulfilling and fascinating field. Learning of my retirement from organized volunteerism, a friend and colleague, whose initials are Susan Ellis, observed:

"You can't retire from volunteerism" (that is, it isn't possible) because you can take a person out of volunteerism, but you can't take volunteerism out of a person.'"

"Just watch me," says I, (silently but sincerely).