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Powerful Questions: Work Smarter with the Answers You Get through the Questions You Ask

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As Leaders of Volunteers, communication is an integral part of our job. It anchors most of the work we do, whether it be within our organization to volunteers and  colleagues, or externally focusing on recruitment and engagement. It can sometimes feel like our work is full of evolving priorities, recurring focus shifts, and an ongoing to-do list. As we navigate our way through with questions – asking them and answering them – are we asking the right ones? Are we looking for more than YES and NO as answers? Are we using questions to drive the evolution and expansion of our work?

In this Training Designs, writer Erin McLean explores how to apply "Powerful Questions" to our work with volunteers – from screening to training, coaching, and feedback. This article provides Leaders of Volunteers with the framework for how to take a revised approach to communication and questions with volunteers, whether the purpose of the conversation is exploratory, positive, or in response to a conflict or challenge. This Training Designs highlights the formation and purpose of powerful questions, and explains how to apply them to working with volunteers. Readers will no doubt walk away with knowledge to guide the future questions they ask, and the impact of the answers they receive.