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Volunteer Hounded to Death by Fundraisers? Lessons To Learn

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Was Olive Cooke, a 92-year-old volunteer for the Royal British Legion, hounded to death by fundraisers this past May? In this Points of View, intrepid sleuths Susan J. Ellis and Rob Jackson turn the Olive Cooke case inside out and use it to debate a question that volunteer organizations everywhere need to address: What is or should be the connection between donating money and donating time?

“It’s been our experience that too many organizations place a great divide between people who volunteer and people who write checks,” write Ellis and Jackson. The authors then outline how to integrate money donors and time donors; how to compare and analyze the two groups for greater efficiency; how to ask volunteers to give money to an organization; and how to ask money donors to give their time and talents.

“Integrating engagement with all your supporters is key to running an effective non-profit in the 21st century,” the authors conclude. “If more of this takes place, then something good will have come out of the sad death of Olive Cooke.”