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Tricks and Tips to Help Learners Learn from Each Other

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Adult learners bring a wealth of knowledge to any training session. But more often than not, they still expect the trainer to do most of the teaching. As trainers, we have plenty of information to convey, but we also want learners to interact with each other to reflect on the material and to offer different, unique insights to the group.

In this issue’sTraining Designs, Susan J. Ellis shares a range of group interaction techniques that she has used successfully to facilitate exchange among learners. She gives expert advice and pointers on:

  • Tips for how to divide into buzz groups to stimulate varied discussion
  • The importance of clear instructions – and goals – to breakout and buzz groups
  • The power of 2s and 3s
  • Nametags as conversation starters
  • Scheduled “strategy exchanges,” both live and asynchronous
  • To tweet or not to tweet

…and more!