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In Support of “Clicktivism:” Examining the Value of the One-Click Form of Micro-Volunteering

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As social media expands throughout the world, it has spawned a unique sub-category of virtual volunteering dubbed “clicktivism” – letting people who are online or on a Smartphone make an impact on their causes in a short amount of time with very little effort. The name comes from what these volunteers do: reposting, retweeting, and other one-click activities such as buying an item on a charity Web site. While some consider clicktivists as second-rate to traditional volunteers (and even use the term “slacktivists” to describe them), many others appreciate the value-added services this micro-volunteering provides. And if the recent worldwide example of the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” shows, clicktivism can go viral!

In this edition of Along the Web, author Erick Lear explores clicktivism in an effort to remind everyone that regardless of how or where a volunteer donates time, all types of volunteers should be appreciated.