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Reflections and Recollections: A Quarter Century in Australia's Volunteer World

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Intrepid Australian volunteer and traveler Louise Rogers writes:

Don’t you love travelling? The preparation…the journey…the reflections…the recollections…and ah!...the experiences to be had?

I’ve had an amazing journey over the past 25 years, working in the voluntary sector in Australia and, in particular, the field of educating those who work with and lead volunteer effort. I’ve travelled through this time with many colleagues and friends, accumulating some wonderful experiences and being part of incredible changes in the volunteer world in Australia.

Now in the first flush of retirement, I have the opportunity, indeed the privilege, to reflect on those adventures – the challenges, the achievements, and the lessons learned along the way. As I look back, the landscape is barely recognizable. Like every other area of our lives, volunteerism is responding and adapting to rapid social, cultural, and economic changes.

Join Rogers in this special e-Volunteerism feature as she reflects on a quarter century in the volunteer world. You may find yourself nodding and smiling in recognition.