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Show, Don't Just Tell: Writing to Inspire, Motivate and Recruit Volunteers

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Want to incorporate writing techniques used by professionals to inspire, motivate and recruit volunteers? Want to know what works in prompting a reader to move from the armchair to the work site? Of course you do – because you already know that you can make or break your program with the power of words that are written, spoken or enhanced by video.

The secret to words that work is all about showing, not simply telling. Concrete images and specifics show your potential volunteers exactly what you are about and why it matters. Vivid details help you build interest and add drama, and help your readers visualize the unique value you can bring to their lives. You can show them precisely how you (and they) can make a difference in their communities. This feature article by Dalya F. Massachi offers suggestions, examples and ideas to move you in the right direction. You’ll learn to think of yourself as your readers’ eyes, ears, hands, taste buds, nose – and heart.

This feature article is based on an excerpt of the author’s award-winning book, Writing to Make a Difference: 25 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Community Impact.