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Early McCurley

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In this Voices, we underscore the fact that Steve McCurley has been remarkably prolific during his career. His earliest publications (1972- 2004) are listed in a 10-page, single-spaced bibliography on the Energize Web site. As the Director of Research for the National Center for Voluntary Action (the predecessor of the predecessor of the predecessor of Points of Light), he often contributed to their magazine, Voluntary Action Leadership, with his first article appearing in the Fall 1976 issue. We present an excerpt from that article in this issue of Voices, along with excerpts from a number of Steve's long out-of-print articles, including items he wrote for “Grapevine,” the bi-monthly newsletter he produced with Sue Vineyard beginning in the 1980s. You’ll be surprised at how much of Steve’s “Early McCurley” material still resonates in today’s world.