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Volunteer Leaders: The Key to Increasing Capacity

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with material from HandsOn University

Almost every nonprofit has volunteer leaders – people who are especially passionate about an organization’s mission and dedicate time, energy and talents to even the smallest tasks. Over time, studies have shown that organizations that offer these dedicated individuals opportunities to take on greater responsibility, including managing other volunteers, can reap significant benefits.

This Training Design presents a training session called Increasing Capacity through Volunteer Leadership that will help organizations identify and cultivate volunteer leaders. It was developed by the HandsOn University staff at HandsOn Network (www.handsonnetwork.org), of which New York Cares is an affiliate, and is shared with their permission.  It includes a guide, facilitator’s agenda, a set of handouts and PowerPoint slides, and will benefit organizations that have one volunteer or 100. Volunteer leaders are a great resource — and this training is a great way for you to make the most of them.