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The Economic Value of Volunteering in Queensland

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Reviewed by

The Economic Value of Volunteering in Queensland
Commissioned by the Queensland Government, Department of Communities
2006; Updated report, 2008
Prepared by
Dr. Duncan Ironmonger
Households Research Unit
Department of Economics
The University of Melbourne

The full report for 2006 can be found at http://www.volunteeringnthqld.org.au/VolunteeringinQLDReport.pdf
An update for 2008 can be found at

Can you put a monetary value on volunteering? What is a volunteer’s time and effort worth? This Research to Practice re-visits theses questions by studying a paper called “The Economic Value of Volunteering in Queensland,” by Dr. Duncan Ironmonger, Department of Economics, The University of Queensland. Undoubtedly the tools are there to do so, and we will review those methods. In times of austerity, even greater attention is being put on volunteering and the notion of placing a monetary value on volunteering will be very attractive to policy makers. Now is a good time to consider how we ‘value’ volunteering, at an organisation and an aggregate level.