Voices from the Past

The profession of volunteer administration has a wealth of history, and very few are aware of it. Newcomers to our field typically have no idea of the resources available  to them, and even seasoned colleagues who try to keep informed about what is going on in our field today are frequently unaware as to what has come before. Some wonderful resources have been forgotten.  

The Voices from the Past section rediscovers valuable writings from decades ago, and shares these articles or excerpts to illustrate the history of a particular volunteer-led organization, an individual maverick or pioneer in the field, or an overview of the evolution of certain types of volunteer accomplishments. 

These existing but forgotten resources are often squirreled away in private collections, tucked away in basements, or buried under more modern materials. Help us find these missing or forgotten gems. If you have read something written before 1980 and feel it is still relevant, please suggest it (especially pioneer work from countries outside the United States). Let's honor -- and learn from -- our predecessors.