Points of View

None of us involved with e-Volunteerism are short of opinions. In fact, we seriously considered emblazoning the slogan "Insight with Attitude" across our masthead.  Points of View is devoted to the exchange of opinions, viewpoints, attitudes and, we hope, insight. Within it, we discuss the political, social, ethical, and managerial issues that underlie volunteering.

You'll see a variety of formats.  Contributors offer pro and con opinions on a critical question or present shared observations. Sometimes they argue passionately for what they believe; at other times they play devil's advocates attacking sacred cows. Most of the conversations feature Susan Ellis and Rob Jackson, neither of whom has ever lacked an opinion. But from time to time, Points of View will also feature guest commentators.

Although we have a lot to say, we don't necessarily want to have the last word. At e-Volunteerism, we believe in involvement and we want to know what you think about what we write. So please feel free to "virtually" speak up and add your own views, opinions, and insights to make this a truly lively discussion.