Along the Web

Along the Web is based on former editor Steve McCurley's general theory of life: "Why re-invent the wheel when you can steal the whole car?" Leaders in volunteer involvement already have too much to do to waste time, so in this section we try to show you what's already been learned by others. Along the Web presents materials and sites found on the Web that focus on various aspects of volunteering

A reminder to users of the Archive: The bane of existence of those who utilize the Web is that addresses change with reckless abandon. The URLs and hyperlinks presented in each Along the Web are current as of the time of publication but are apt to change, disappear or mutate beyond recognition as time goes on. Our best advice for locating a site that vanishes is to use the exact name or title of the reference in a search engine (such as Google or Yahoo) that allows you to hunt for precise word combinations. More often than not the material remains accessible at a new location on the Web.