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Volunteer Transitions among Older Americans

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"Volunteer Transitions among Older Americans"
Barbara A. Butrica, Richard W. Johnson, and Sheila R. Zedlewski
The Volunteer Retirement Project, Discussion Paper 07-06
The Urban Institute, Washington, DC, 2007
The full report can be found at http://www.urban.org/url.cfm?ID=411582

This Research to Practice looks at a study of older volunteers and their volunteering profile. It is a study which uses panel data (that is, it tracks the same people over a period of time) between 1996 and 2004. The incorporation of panel data is quite useful, because so often research is a ‘snapshot’ at a specific time. This study tracks people between the ages of 55 to 65 in 1996, and then asks them about their volunteering practices every two years up to 2004. As you will see, the results tell us something about who volunteers, and something about why some people do not.