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Volunteers "Aging in Place"

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"Aging in Place" refers to the phenomenon of a volunteer having joined an organization years ago as a young or middle-aged person and, over time, has naturally grown older and is now losing some abilities. The organization is faced with the dilemma of having a loyal volunteer who needs to be reassigned, or partnered, or something else to be supported or even helped to leave with honor.

Keyboard Roundtable participants from the US, New Zealand, Canada, and Singapore discuss the issues and some practical strategies about:

  • Knowing when intervention is needed and something has to change, whether to protect the volunteer or the agency.
  • Making changes while keeping the volunteer's dignity intact.
  • The effect of this situation on other volunteers (both new ones and those who have been around a long time themselves).
  • If, when and how to involve the volunteer's family.
  • …and more.