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Building Organizational Commitment to the Volunteer Program

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This training design offers a complete strategy for fostering organizational commitment to the volunteer program. The following sections are available in a PDF for subscribers. 

Section I - The In Depth View

  • Is My Organization Commmitted to the Volunteer Program?
  • Assessment of Volunteer Program and Staff Training Needs (pdf file)

Section II - Examples and Exercises

  • Introduction and Tips for Exercises
  • Volunteer Program Commitment Strategies Worksheet


  1. Building a Vision, or "What if?"
  2. Volunteer Challenges and Opportunities
  3. When You Were a Volunteer…
  4. Building Board Commitment to a Volunteer Program
  5. Sharing Results From a Volunteer Program Assessment
  6. Membership Organization's Look into the Mirror
  7. Involving Staff in Designing Volunteer Jobs
  8. Building Staff Commitment in Agencies Served By Volunteer Centers

Section III - Forum for Sharing

Sharing Your Experiences (Please return to this section!)

Section IV - Bibliography

Training Resources for Building Staff Commitment

Section V - Quarterly Gem

Commitment Check List

Section VI - Preview of Next Issue

Exploring Volunteer Trends for Use in Trainings