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South Australia's Volunteering Vision 2010

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Here at e-Volunteerism we are constantly on the look out for "cutting edge" reports, practices and strategies we can share with our readers about the world of volunteerism. This month we take a look at one such report. Emanating from the state of South Australia and created by that state's umbrella (peak) body for volunteering, Volunteering SA (VSA), the Volunteering Vision 2010 (VV2010) document takes a crystal ball "gaze" at volunteering in the future.

Looking forward to the year 2010, the Volunteering Vision paper looks bravely forward at what lies ahead. In order to give e-Volunteerism readers a little more detail about the VV2010 document, we decided to ask three people who were involved in the development of the paper a few key questions about its origin and content. Rosemary Sage (CEO of Volunteering SA), Ian Brown (who was the VSA Policy Officer of the time) and Joy Noble (well-known Australian author and volunteerism expert) kindly agreed to lend their understanding of the project.