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Eva Schindler-Rainman: Innovative Trainer and Vocal Advocate for Volunteerism

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Eva Schindler-Rainman was one of the few volunteerism pioneers to gain popularity both within and outside of our field. An organizational consultant, social worker with a PhD, and behavioral scientist, she was known for her advocacy of effective human resource development - paid and volunteer - and for non-traditional organization design and development. She moved easily between nonprofit circles and the corporate world, eventually becoming one of the "deans" of the highly-respected National Training Laboratory (NTL) in Maine. Without question, Eva was an inspired and inspiring group facilitator, always looking for innovative ways to engage trainees in active, creative thinking. She was one of the originators and disseminators of "brainstorming," a problem-solving exercise that we take for granted today but that broke new ground in the 1970s.