Volume VII, Issue 2, January 2007

At a recent meeting of volunteer resource managers, a speaker was challenging the group to think about the “big picture” and to “build capacity in [their] organizations to effectively engage volunteers.” Uneasy, someone in the audience whispered in a concerned tone: “He doesn’t sound like a... Read more
In 1993, I wrote Lead!, a book on leadership in the nonprofit sector that defined leadership quite simply as the ability to influence others to follow. In subsequent years, I have been investigating how leaders do this. Basically, I’ve discovered that leaders inspire through their communication... Read more
Audio Interview with Betsy McFarland of the Humane Society of the United States
Interview Overview While most attention was fixed on the human beings caught in the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, there were many who immediately realized the plight of animals – especially family pets – who were truly in a life-or-death situation at the same time.  The Humane Society of the... Read more
One of the most interesting things about the profession of volunteer program manager is that those who first enter into the job generally do so with a blissful degree of ignorance. To avoid offending anyone unintentionally, let us be quick to point out that this ignorance is not so much personal in... Read more
In this issue of “Along the Web” we’ll explore one of the most rapidly developing subcultures in volunteering – combining travel with service. Originally called ecotourism, it is now referred to as vacation volunteering or voluntourism – a word which has even made its way to the Macmillan English... Read more
When and Why Not to Train How do you avoid having to “sell” a solution or future direction that the management or leadership team has created? Granted, it is a sell job when a few people decide on a new way for the many. But in circumstances where any answer is a potential right answer and there is... Read more
A few years ago, we reprinted an excerpt from Exploring Volunteer Space: The Recruiting of a Nation, a book written in 1980 by Ivan H. Scheier, one of the true pioneers of our field. We noted then that this book contained ideas far ahead of its time – which is exactly what we’d come to expect... Read more
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  Introduction Andy Fryar, Convening Editor All faiths rely heavily on the goodwill of their followers to undertake work on behalf of the church/synagogue/mosque/congregation of both a spiritual and practical nature. Is this recognized as ’volunteering‘ by those in leadership positions within... Read more
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The full report can be downloaded at: http://www.volcomm.org.uk/NR/rdonlyres/36A13A10-EF38-4E54-827E-A18270D3FE50/0/Literature_Review.pdf Introduction In the UK, 2005 was designated the Year of the Volunteer with a programme of events designed to increase the profile of volunteering. To build on... Read more