Volume VI, Issue 3, April 2006

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, sponsored by US Senator Paul Sarbanes and US Representative Michael Oxley, represents a major change to federal securities laws. It came as a response to the large corporate financial scandals involving Enron, WorldCom, Global Crossing and Arthur Andersen. Effective... Read more
Introduction For the past five years I have worked as the Volunteer Programme Manager at ‘N’, a residential care facility for Jewish older people in the area of Clapham, South London.    Although it is one of Anglo Jewry’s leading social care organisations, ‘N’ is situated in an area of London... Read more
Introduction Volunteers serve important and varied roles in community-based organizations in many parts of the world.  Volunteers take on responsibilities ranging from serving as a member of a board of directors, to organizing a community garden project, to teaching a child to read.  Additionally,... Read more
The recent demise of the Association for Volunteer Administration (AVA), affecting mainly Americans, has surfaced many issues around both the “profession” of volunteer management and the design of a possible association that would serve the needs of managers of volunteer programs.  Because Susan... Read more
"Along the Web” for this issue updates the first topic we examined back in 2000: volunteer program liability and risk management. This is a topic that has received a lot of attention during the past five years, with a corresponding amount of materials produced to discuss it.  We’ll divide our lists... Read more
My Aunt Marion instilled in me a love for public speaking.  She was the consummate educator who taught until she was 92 years old and then thought it might be time to cut back.   I can vividly remember her saying to me in her lilting, yet powerful voice: “If you want to be heard, speak slowly and... Read more
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The issue of how formal our styles of volunteer management have become is not a new one.  From conference workshops to training sessions to books and articles, volunteer resource managers are being told not to make volunteering too formal an experience for people whilst in the same breath being... Read more
by Patty Bouse
Ed. Note: There’s a phrase circulating that crops up periodically in speeches or books:  “volunteers are not a program.”  This concept can be traced back to an early article by Patty Bouse, Resource Development Specialist in the Nebraska Division of Social Services, in the Winter 1978-9 issue... Read more
by Michael Callow
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Introduction Do we need another study on volunteer motives? Callow’s work argues that we do and that there is value in looking at volunteering among retirees. Too often, says Callow, we categorise types of volunteers into broad groups, with ‘older volunteers’ put into a category that merely allows... Read more