Volume IX, Issue 1, October 2008

The Maasai Weekly Market An innovative Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project has taken place in rural Tanzania, involving UK-based project management company Buro Four and international development specialist MondoChallenge. In this feature article for e-Volunteerism, representatives... Read more
In this comprehensive and engaging feature article, the current state of volunteerism in Mongolia is explored by Fulbright Senior Specialist Ellen J. Benjamin, Ph.D., who spent time in residence at the Mongolian State University of Education’s Social Work Department in the summer of 2008.  In... Read more
Many organizations now look specifically at the ways volunteers connect with them and how they can create new opportunities to involve volunteers of any age. This feature story explores a relatively new way to create more pathways to volunteering – “flexible volunteering.”   Flexible volunteering... Read more
Those of us involved with volunteerism for a long time have always thought that the easiest way to ensure its future is to teach volunteering to children at a very early age. In fact, research shows that those who volunteer as children are much more likely to continue to volunteer as adults.  In... Read more
Once again, Along the Web summarizes a variety of new materials and events on the Web that are related to volunteering. This popular feature by Steve McCurley presents a sampling of research studies and articles on trends, environmental volunteering, volunteers by age groups, national service,... Read more
The larger a conference, the harder it is to actually meet new people. And if participants are really diverse, the obstacles to personal interaction seem to multiply.  To address these issues, the Asian Pacific Volunteer Leadership Conference (APVLC), which took place in Honolulu, Hawaii, in... Read more
The Association of Volunteer Bureaus (AVB) celebrated its 25th anniversary in Kansas City, MO., in 1976, coinciding with the American Bicentennial.  A gala celebration on the theme, “Volunteers:  Our Finest Natural Resource,” brought together the leaders of what are now called “volunteer centers”... Read more
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In this Keyboard Roundtable, we’ll explore one of the perennial issues of volunteerism:  When should work be done by volunteers and when should it be done by paid staff?   Convening Editor Rob Jackson brings together a range of perspectives to explore this issue. Our participants will look at why... Read more
by Mark can Vuuren, Mennon D.T. deJong, and Erwin R. Seydel Institute for Behavioral Research, University of Trente, The Netherlands
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In this discussion of research from the Netherlands, Research to Practice explores how volunteers are as committed as paid workers and provides examples of how organizations can deepen the attachment of their volunteers.  Editor Steven Howlett further explores how the issues discussed in this... Read more

In Memoriam Ivan H. Scheier 1926-2008

Ivan H. Scheier, one of the true American pioneers of the field of volunteerism, died on October 6th. He was 82 years old. He lived for the past 20 years or so in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, but those who knew him during his working life remember him from Boulder, Colorado...  Read more