Volume IV, Issue 2, January 2004

Summit on the Information Society
The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) was held in Geneva, Switzerland in early December 2003. WSIS brought together over 15,000 participants from 200 nations and, remarkably, volunteers were a formal topic of discussion. Many speakers and papers specifically acknowledged the... Read more
Introduction Through several years of working in public relations (PR) and journalism, I've heard many publicity officers of social and sporting clubs and PR officers of non-profit organisations complain they are not getting 'enough exposure':  'I sent a release to The Times last week, and they... Read more
I first visited Russia in 1995 as a hospice social worker, having then worked for three years at Hospice of Central New York (http://www.hospice-pca.org/), where I am still the Volunteer Specialist. I travelled with an American-Russian Hospice Tour group to Moscow and St. Petersburg, led by Mary... Read more
Just when you think you've seen everything in volunteerism, somebody comes along with something totally new. And then you discover that other people are thinking about it as well. Steve was sitting in the Washington Dulles International Airport over the holidays, engaging in the popular airport... Read more
One of the most promising developments in volunteerism is the interest in and growth of youth volunteering. We know from numerous studies that those who volunteer when young are likely to continue volunteering throughout their lives, so involving youth productively is a way of training the... Read more
Betty Stallings assisted a hospital in northern California to change the future of volunteering in its institution by facilitating a process that allowed the hospital auxiliary to reach the decision to disband itself and design a new volunteer involvement program. Betty shares her 10-step... Read more
Nursing has been an integral part of patient care forever, but it was not always considered a medical profession in its own right. For centuries nursing was done privately by family members or publicly by religious orders. Prejudice and concerns for "moral decency" barred women from caring from the... Read more
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The May 2003 Hot Topic (http://energizeinc.com/hot/2003/03may.html) on the Energize Web site discussed how volunteers are portrayed in television and film in North America - and site visitors added more examples. This Keyboard Roundtable invites colleagues in Germany, Singapore, Lebanon, Romania,... Read more
Colin Rochester and Romayne Hutchison, with Margaret Harris and Laura Keely
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The current UK government has often re-iterated that its policy is 'evidence led'. Whether this happens in practice is for others to decide, but a useful spin-off is that research has become more prevalent in areas interesting government. This Research into Practice focuses on a report reviewing... Read more