Volume I, Issue 2, January 2001

What's New in Issue 2

Happy International Year of Volunteers 2001! After all the planning, here we are. e-Volunteerism is committed to offering a forum throughout 2001-- and way beyond -- for all of the issues confronting the global volunteer community, as well as for celebrating our diverse work.

We have been delighted by the response to our inaugural issue, and we are watching our subscriber list grow. Thank you to everyone who has posted responses on the site and has helped to spread the word on- and off-line. We hope you will enjoy Issue 2 as much as Issue 1.... Read more

Also, learn about two new feature areas:

The future of volunteer management as a profession is a hot topic on both sides of the Atlantic, if not in other parts of the world. As evidence, consider the fact that the inaugural issue (Fall 2000) of e-Volunteerism featured several articles dealing with this subject. If our field is to have a... Read more
Ivan's Musings
Research years ago showed a very high turnover rate among Coordinators of Volunteers -- the figure I remember is one out of three leaving the field every two or three years (though often staying in the same organization). It was a substantial percentage, anyhow, and I expect it still is. Four or... Read more
The growing trend called "volunteer vacationing" reflects the increase in short-term and family volunteerism reported in national surveys in the United States. An increasing number of organizations, public and private, cater to these volunteers with packaged service trips. Drawing on current... Read more
On-the-Spot Audio Interview
An audio interview with Mary Shallenberger
On December 1-3, 2000, the Planned arenthood Federation of America (http://www.ppfa.org) convened its first conference for those staff members responsible for volunteer program management at the affiliate level. They formed a new group called "PPNOVA": Planned Parenthood Network of Volunteer... Read more
As the Internet continues its pervasive growth through global society, attempts to utilize it in volunteer involvement also continue. This article will review efforts to use the Internet to address one of the basic questions in volunteering-- how can volunteers and volunteer organizations connect... Read more
Listen to the conference steering committee develop its strategy: "We simply have to offer workshops that will appeal to people who've been in the field a long time and are past the basics. Let's develop an 'advanced' track." This makes sense, but what exactly does everyone mean by "advanced"? The... Read more
One of the most frequent questions on listservs for volunteer program managers is: "What is the value of volunteer time?" Since we're really tired of reading both the question and the responses, we decided to provide the definitive list of places to learn far, far more than you ever wanted to know... Read more
This training design offers a complete strategy for fostering organizational commitment to the volunteer program. The following sections are available in a PDF for subscribers.  Section I - The In Depth View Is My Organization Commmitted to the Volunteer Program? Assessment of Volunteer Program... Read more
Global Perspectives
Moderated by
The Global Perspectives Keyboard Roundtable asked colleagues from Wales, Korea, Australia, Switzerland and the United States to make comments on ways to maximise the International Year of Volunteers 2001 on a global scale.  A number of key themes emerged: The key focus of IYV in each participant'... Read more
It is almost preordained that keynote speakers and casual essayists, when asked to address the topic of volunteering in the United States, will eventually quote Alexis de Tocqueville, the famous Frenchman who keenly observed American life and then wrote Democracy in America, published in France in... Read more
DOVIAs and Professional Networks
Welcome Back! We revisit our Keyboard Roundtable from the last issue to further explore their discussion about ways to improve DOVIAs' role as a means of interaction, support and advocacy. Our Roundtable discussed the possibility of a "national umbrella" organization, AVA's role in connecting... Read more
Summarized by
Research for the report, Flying Under the Radar: The Significant Work of All-Volunteer Organizations, was conducted in 1999 in the San Francisco service area of CompassPoint by Cristina Chan, M.P.P., and Sonali Rammohan, C.P.A. Leadership for the study was provided by Jan Masaoka, Executive... Read more