From Editor-in-Chief Rob Jackson

Volume XX, Issue 4

A Tribute Issue in Memory of Susan J. Ellis

Welcome to the July 2020 issue of e-Volunteerism. 

In a world that has faced more than its fair share of turmoil, disruption, and change in recent months, we are taking a step back in this issue to remember one of the Journal’s founders, Susan J. Ellis.

In the lead feature of this issue, I share some reflections on Susan, her work, and the legacy of Susan’s work that has emerged in the last 17 months since Susan’s passing. And I look ahead to the future of e-Volunteerism, sharing some exciting news and plans about the future for the Journal.  In a second feature, Andy Fryar, features 10 volunteer engagement leaders from around the world, reflecting on Susan's tremendous impact on both the field and individual careers. Points of View, written by e-Volunteerism's co-founder Steve McCurley, looks back on how he started the publication with Susan in 2000, sharing his insights into Susan as both a friend and a professional force. And our regular columns – Research to Practice, Training Designs, Voices, and Along the Web – each pay tribute to Susan with research, training, interviews, and insights that reflect her life's work and her legacy. 

For several reasons, this is the perfect moment for us to look back at Susan’s contributions to our field and celebrate the 20th anniversary year of e-Volunteerism, the field's first online publication. Following this issue, we officially begin the next phase of e-Volunteerism when we re-launch the Journal in October with a new name, a new design, and new features. 

Finally, you will note that this final tribute issue of e-Volunteerism-as-we've-known-it is largely a coronavirus-free zone. As I explained in April, the content for the last issue was put together before COVID-19 dominated world events and, since then, most of us have been working flat out to adapt in order to support our organisations, volunteers, and communities through a fast transition to the new world we live in. Writing articles about this process for e-Volunteerism has, understandably, not been a priority for people. In honor of a tradition so valued and treasured by Susan, however, please let us know if you have anything you would like to contribute related to COVID-19 for our next issue. We’d love to hear from you.



Volume XX, Issue 4