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Lessons from a Lifetime of Training: An Interview with Betty Stallings

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We're all trying to up our training game and learn best practices from those with demonstrated experience and excellence as trainers. Who better to learn from than e-Volunteerism’s very own Betty Stallings? The journal’s first editor of the Training Designs section, Stallings is a respected thought leader in volunteer engagement and training throughout the country and abroad.

As Stallings comes to the end of her training career, Erin Spink, the current Training Designs editor, interviewed Stallings and asked her to share not only her best training ideas but also additional tips, tricks, and recommendations to help today’s trainers grow in skills and knowledge. Stallings summarizes lessons from a lifetime of training experiences during her career as an international trainer, consultant, author, and keynote speaker who specialized in volunteerism, nonprofit fundraising, board development, and leadership. This opportunity to hear from one of the profession’s most revered trainers is not to be missed.