Set up a Portal to e-Volunteerism for Your Entire Network

You are an organization that strives to be on the cutting-edge of the newest trends in volunteerism, and your network has come to expect this from you. Now you can affordably offer your members an online journal with the same philosophy -- while driving additional traffic to your own Web site!

We offer you a chance to provide access to e-Volunteerism directly to all of your members through what we call a "portal."

Here's how it works:

  • You must have the ability to limit access to only your members.  An intranet or a member password-protected area on your website would be appropriate. 
  • We will arrange for a special embedded link to e-Volunteerism to appear directly on YOUR Web site. Your password holders log into your own home page and then access e-Volunteerism from there. This eliminates any individual subscription process while still limiting access to authorized readers.

You could always purchase multiple individual subscriptions for selected members of your team, but the benefit of a "portal" is that -- at much lower cost -- you give everyone in your network equal access to e-Volunteerism. Because we do not have to process subscriptions individually when we set up a portal, we can give a major discount off the yearly subscription fee of US$45 per person. Instead, you can purchase this important resource for your entire network for the low annual rate of US$20 per member/employee/volunteer with access to the site. The minimum cost is based on 25 people with access to your site ($500/year).  Special rates available for organizations with over 100 possible users.

Contact us today to get started!  E-mail or call 215-438-8342

If you prefer to have each of your members/employees/volunteers read e-Volunteerism through inidividual access via their e-mail addresses,  check out our multiple subscription rates for groups.